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If your messaging is mindful of everyone, it’s probably sh*t.

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Here's what other ambitious startups and founders have gained:

It's how you'll gain more traction with marketing

Bold Rewrites capture attentionDesigned + refined with help from:Helped by Reddit, ProductHunt and IndieHackers

I've built + refined marketing for tons of startups.

Most know why their product is game changing, but almost all fail to communicate that difference with their marketing.

That's because when we work hard and look for long enough, we can uncover more use cases; cater to new investors; target more demographics…

You're being inclusive. That's lovely.

But I'm here to tell you – that's dumb.

A website rewrite is the first step on your journey to stand out with your marketing and breakthrough with your audience. We don't work well for safe, standard offerings, which is why we focus on disruptive startups.

This is disruptive step #1. Leaning into your difference, being authentic and attracting an audience that actually cares, because they feel the same.

Being disruptive should be polarising.

To stand out to the right people; you'll need to be confident, project with vigour, hold strong opinions… and that's not going to rub well with everyone.

But I'm here to tell you – not only is that okay, it's how you'll gain traction.

Traction without throwing 💰 into ads

The only way to get more people to agree with you, is to get more people to disagree with you. We'll rewrite your landing page, and show you how it'll win more customers.

Startup Rewrite Results
Designed for results

Detailed feedback on the key messaging that needs to change, and a copy & paste alternative of what will work better.

Startup Rewrite Original
100% Original

Uniquely tailored to your website, industry and product – we'll pump your marketing with personality and tell you why that's important.

Startup Rewrite Unique Perspective
A fresh perspective

Get a fresh perspective on your business and sales messaging, and a better understanding of how to get things rocketing forward.

Startups have used these rewrites:

Test landing pages

to A/B test landing pages

Test landing pages

as a copy and paste refresh

Test landing pages

to repurpose and use on social

Test landing pages

to stand out in the SERPs

Test landing pages

to inspire new blog posts

Stand out with your marketing and breakthrough with your audience

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Only £189 with a 100% money back guarantee

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🚫 You want safe, standard changes

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🚫 You need a spelling and grammar check

Order this if:

✅ You want to stand out with bold messaging

✅ You need an experts opinion on your website

✅ You want a fresh perspective on your tone

✅ You'd like new creative ideas on how to pitch your startup