Am I going to be offended?
GREAT question. Sticks and stones... A website rewrite isn't about condemning what you have (especially if it's good), or provide your perfect 'forever 👰' messaging. It's about getting your text closer to traction – it's an iterative process like everything.

Why do this right now?
We want to ensure you startup is positioned. That means clearly and succinctly to an audience that cares. An investment in first impressions (like messaging) will have a far better ROI than investing in 000's of them through ads.


How quickly will I receive my audit?
There's a few steps here. You'll first be met with some questions about your business, once you've completed that then your audit will arrive within 72 hours (Mon-Fri).


Are you going to fix all my typos?
I'm sure if you look hard enough, this site is littered with typoos! This isn't a spelling and grammar exercise.


Can you help non-English sites?
That's a bloody good question ol' boy! Rewrites can really help a lot to adjust, interpret and rework non-native speakers... Though, if you're looking to adjust a website in a foreign language, then it's definitely better to hire a creative marketer fluent in your native language.


What can I take from this?
Well that's entirely up to you, which is why we've included the section above about use cases - you can copy and paste everything we suggest, use it to inspire some new Google Ads you want to run, or even use it as part of a blog post.


Is there a limit to the number of words?
There is not. What's unusual about our service is it's adjusting what you have, not writing from scratch. That means that we'll start in the areas that need the most help and work our way down – as such we're not going to rewrite everything, just the bits that need it most.


Can you review a website I don't own?
That's a great question and the answer is no. We don't offer this service to agencies on behalf of others, this service only works with the blessing and enthusiasm of an internal team.


Can you help me with a competing product?
Unfortunately we cannot offer this service to competing products to the Bold Rewrite itself. Generally it's just too conflicting, and although they'd be simple to get up to speed with – they're too hard to think clearly about.


Can I ask you specific question about my site?
Sure – focus our attention and we'll dedicate more time to things. After checkout you'll get asked to fill out a form. You can leave additional comments and requests in there.


Do you only make text based recommendations?
Often we'll comment on design and usability aspects (if we find it necessary) as well but these are primarily messaging-focused audits.


How will I receive my Bold Rewrite?
Your report will be sent as plaintext (to copy and paste) and we also like to include a visual example for above the fold content. Only you (and your team, if you like) will have access.


Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we want you to be 100% happy so we will refund anyone who isn't. Refunds are reserved for reasonable people. (See T&C's page for more info.